Friday, August 19, 2011

Puppet Slamwich 4: Dagwood edition! June 18, 2011

Kathy Fahey, Baltimore, MD/Elizabeth Whitmore

Jen Liu, Baltimore, MD/Frankie and Johnny

Mika Eubanks, Batlimore, MD/ How Spider got his Waist

Kevin Sherry, Baltimore, MD/Sherrywood Forest

Also, not pictured, we screened two awesome animations:
Miranda Pfeiffer’s “Food for the Worms” and Meagan Jenigen's "Tenderfoot"

Photos by Bill Haas

Puppet Slamwich 3: Mufuletta edition! March 26, 2011

Eric Brooks and Christopher Hudert, Washington, DC/ Goldileaves and the Free Beer

Sam Shea, Baltimore, MD/ Only Girl In The World

Christopher Hudert of Applause Unlimited, Richmond, VA/ The Gift

Kevin Sherry, Baltimore, MD/ Levels

Pepito the Clown (Z Smith) as Country Diva

Jeanine Padgett and Lisa Krause, Baltimore, MD/The Dance of the Devil Dolls

Poster Design by Eamon Espey

Photos by Bill Haas

Puppet Slamwich 2: Po’Boy Edition! January 15, 2011

Valeska Populoh, Baltimore, MD / Professor Bluegill and His Harbor School of Fish


The Shadow Senators, Washington, DC / The Curse of the Hope Diamond & The Demon Cat

Marianne Ross, Washington DC / Emperor Ti Li's Victory

Showbeast, Baltimore, MD / How to Disappear Completely

Z Smith and Anna Fitzgerald, Baltimore, MD / Pepito and Paul in Pea Soup

H. Honne Wells, Brooklyn, NY / Wooden Sun

Photos by Bill Haas

Puppet Slamwich 1: Pulled Pork edition! October 21, 2010

Possibilitarian Puppet Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio/ Wild Music Marching Ensemble

RPM Puppet Conspiracy, Vermont/ The Only Good Corporation is an Undead Corporation

Donna Sellinger of Missoula Oblongata & Justin Durel, Baltimore, MD/Jeremiah 8:7

Hoesy Corona, Baltimore, MD/ Mexican Quick Change

Possibilitarian Puppet Theatre/ Dumb Show History of Humanity in 8 Pictures

RPM Puppet Conspiracy/The Story of the Tiny Mouse & the Tiny Cat

Photos by Bill Haas