Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get ready for our next Slamwich! Saturday JUNE 2nd!

                 Puppet Slamwich! Spit-fired Spirit Sub Edition
Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 7pm and 9:30pm
at Black Cherry Puppet Theater, 1115 Hollins St., Baltimore MD 21223.   
Tickets  $7
Pre-show tix AVAILABLE NOW thru 2pm June 2nd at 
(event name: Puppet Slamwich!) 
Tickets will also be sold at the door, thirty minutes before each show. 
Seating is general admission and limited. 
FB event page HERE

                  June’s Puppet Slamwich is a Spit-fired Spirit Sub.  Puppeteers light the primordial fire and take you on a shadowy trip to the far reaches of the human spirit and far off lands! Philadelphia’s Mr. & Mrs. Magoo's Traveling Trash Puppet Circus plummet into the collective unconscious with “Professor Jibber-Jabber and His Mind Resonator Combobulator,” an inter-active multi-media performance including light, sound, video, shadow and hand puppetry, live-action performance, clowning and ballet!   Kevin Sherry ferries us through  “Turtle Island” on the back of the Earth’s loneliest beast of burden.  Z Smith returns as this town’s most charming clown in “Pepito’s Big Date,” capturing the hearts of all while wooing one on a quest for love. Charm City’s Katherine Fahey presents a shadow puppet crankie about a young girl's inner questions about war and the universe, inspired (and performed live) by ellen cherry's song, "Pickett's Charge". Better Waverly’s Porch Puppets gathers us around the overhead projector for a row of campfire tales, including “Foreign Lands”. With all of those shadows dancing on the walls, it’s a good thing we’ll have Baltimore’s “Brass Disaster”, the Barrage Band Orchestra’s keeping the fire blazing all night with their Balkan, New Orleans second line and punk covers! Come gather round, folks!