Tuesday, September 24, 2013


You are hereby reading the official call for performers for our next season of the Puppet Slamwich! at Black Cherry Puppet Theater in Baltimore. 

The dates for the upcoming season are Saturday:
November 9
January 18
March 8
June 7 

If you are interested in performing, please let us know by emailing Valeska at valeskapopuloh@yahoo.com. If you have a specific date in mind (LIKE NOVEMBER!) let us know! If you have friends or know of performers who create puppetry-related work, please share this call with them! Our slam's diversity and vitality results from the great network of puppeteers that keeps growing thanks to word of mouth and folks like you! 

Also, we like to include a stellar musical guest at each show. We have been lucky to host the Barrage Band Orchestra, Orchestre Prazevica, Walker and Jay and Umami, among others. If your band is interested in performing or you have a puppetshow-stopping musical recommendation, let us know!

Many thanks, best wishes to you all!

Valeska, Michael, Jen, Lisa, Bill and the Puppet Slamwich Crew

Puppet Slamwich! at Black Cherry Puppet Theater celebrates puppetry for adult audiences in all of its forms, from traditional to experimental, as well as related genres, such as vaudeville, cabaret, toy and object theater. Puppet Sandwich hopes to introduce audiences to a broad array of puppetry, welcoming emerging and established artists from the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond. Puppet Slamwich! at Black Cherry Puppet Theater is supported by a grant from The Puppet Slam Network and IBEX Puppetry.