Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Save the Date! January 16th Puppet Slam!

Saturday January 16th
7pm & 9:30pm
Doors open about a 1/2 hour before each show
Two Shows One Night Only!
Tickets available online NOW!

The January slam features a glorious lineup of performers, including fan favorites and those new to the Black Cherry stage!

We are thrilled to present Anatar Marmol-Gagne (Connecticut), Drapetomaniacs (Baltimore), Dirk & Sequoia Joseph (Baltimore), Never Bird Theatre (Baltimore), Katherine Fahey (Baltimore), Schroeder Cherry (Baltimore and DC), Chris Puls (Baltimore) and Bernie Beauchamp (Reno)! Baltimore's Hob's Project joins us as our musical guest. Get ready for mysterious southern folk tales, love duets, string theory and spell-binding shadow puppets set to live music! All at the coziest little puppet theater in town!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Our Next Slamwich: Saturday November 14th!

Saturday November 14th

7pm & 9:30pm

Doors open about a 1/2 hour before each show

Two Shows One Night Only!
Tickets available online:

Kicking off the 6th season of the Puppet Slamwich! at Black Cherry Puppet Theater, the November slam features a spectacular array of performers from Baltimore and beyond!

We are thrilled to present Madison J. Cripps and Vida Serrano (Asheville, North Carolina), Felicia Cooper (Poconos and New York City), Sarah Bourne and Rebekah Lane (Towson), Marie Claire (Baltimore), Tryfuss Puppet Collective (Baltimore), and Ben Bornstein (from All Over)! Baltimore's Tongue and Cheek rocks the house as our musical guest. Get ready for sci-fi crankies, sun-swallowing shadow puppets, folk songs, worm anatomy, and the woes of a hybrid pet! All at the coziest little puppet theater in town!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thanks to everyone for another 
great season of Puppet Slamwiches at Black Cherry! 

Our next Slam is scheduled for November 14, 2015! 
Interested in performing? 
Please read details below!

CALLING ALL PUPPETEERS for our next slam on SATURDAY, November 14! If you have thought about touring through Baltimore, considered stepping onto our stage, or have a new act to share, let us know! Send an email to valeskapopuloh@yahoo.com including the following:
***your name
***the name and approximate length of your act
***a brief description
***any images or links to video
If you have friends or know of performers who create puppetry-related work, share the call! If you are unable to perform in this slam, but interested in our next show, let us know! Puppet Slamwich! at Black Cherry Puppet Theater celebrates puppetry for adult audiences in all of its forms, from traditional to experimental, mask, toy- and Object Theater. Puppet Slamwich! hopes to introduce audiences to a broad array of puppetry, welcoming emerging and established artists from the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond. It is supported in part by the amazing Puppet Slam Network!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Advance Tickets now available online HERE 
for our June 6th Slam! 
Two Shows @ 7 & 9:30pm 
at Black Cherry Puppet Theater
1115 Hollins Street 
Baltimore, MD 21223

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mark Your Calendars for the next Slam!

Please take note and mark all your calendars accordingly! 
Black Cherry's next Puppet Slam will be held:
Saturday JUNE 6th, 2015 
(back to the original date!)
Two Shows at 7 and 9:30 pm! 

Interested in performing? Please email valeskapopuloh@yahoo.com

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 7th Slamwich!


Here are a few shots from our super dooper sold-out March 7th Puppet Slamwich!

To see a ton more photos please visit our Flickr Page

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Puppet Slamwich returns on March 7 like a bunch of stir crazy housecats busting out of winter's captivity! Come and join us for a cheerful, boisterous evening with a slate of new puppeteers, and performers who have been a part of our shows for years! Kevin Sherry, Emily Schubert grace the stage again! And our DC friends Alex & Sarah return with a new incarnation of Milo and his Science Fair! The Highland Hill Boys will be our musical guests! We have been missing the warm spirits of our puppet fans, the smell of popcorn and the sounds of your laughter. See you soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Next Slam March 7th 2015!!

To those of you who mark your calendars well in advance....PLEASE NOTE: 
We had to cancel the January 17th Slam...BUT DO NOT FRET! The series will be back again March 7th with a star-studded evening of puppetry and performance for grown-ups! 
Until then, here are some shadow hand puppets you can practice to entertain yourselves!